About ProData Inc.

We are a small business operation

Our clients have names, faces, and above all, individual strengths and weaknesses, temperament and needs. We can relate to the entrepreneurism of a small business environment and we want to keep it that way.

Our staff is comprised of people with ownership credentials and bring to the table not only technology but also extensive management expertise.

In our view, computer technology is well applied when its existence is not recognized in daily business conduct. In other words, computer related frustrations are avoidable.

How We Do It

We customize our relationship

First we meet with the CEO and any member of the organization the CEO deems part of a decision making process. We will need to know who the client is, what the business is and what the objectives are. The client in turn will get the same from us and a synergy is started.

Then we ask the client to help us analyze the business process and identify the areas of service where economic advantages can be realized.

We will prepare and present a detailed proposal for our services. A fee is agreed upon and we become part of the client’s operating team.

The analysis process is of no cost to the client.


Customer Support